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"In front of the camera, behind the camera or doing business there are many ways to get involved quickly. With over 15,000 jobs provided it is safe to say we can guarantee results. If you are looking for talent or looking for your next gig then give us a buzz."


Our services

Professional Casting

For the Film Maker, or TV Producer looking for Actors, Celebrities, Extras or Performers.  

Film Crew

We also can provide Writers, Line Producers, Set Designers, Hair & Makeup Artists ect. 

Talent Placement

Got a talent, maybe you have three. Singer, Dancer or Actor if you can perform we can place you.

Professional Staffing

For any Industry in any City we can organize your need for workers big or small. We are dedicated to helping those in need.  

Workers Prep

Need a prep talk or your resume reviewed then contact us for a consultation and we will guide you. 


We have multiple opportunities and friends in many Industries. If you are seeking a business connection we may in fact be able to help you. 


Want to build a business from scratch or fund an existing one, awesome. Maybe you just want to talk about your goals as an actor or writer, great. It all starts with one of our Business Experts who will direct you through our various programs and make a plan specifically for you!!

The DREAM Team

Our creative team